Available Units
Unit --------- Abbrev.

Dry Measurements:     ?  

  ex.:  flour,   sugar,   rice.
Pinch pinch
Teaspoon tsp.
Tablespoon tbsp.
Cup cup

Liquid Measurements:  ?  

  ex.:  water, milk,   wine.
Dash dash
Teaspoon tsp.
Tablespoon tbsp.
Fluid ounce fl.oz.
Fluid cup fl.cup
Fluid pint pt.
Fluid quart qt.
Gallon gal.

Weight Measurements:   ?  

  ex.:butter, shortening, cheese.
Ounce oz.
Pound lb.

Misc. Measurements:   ?  

    ex.:  egg, lemon, onion.
Each ea.
Piece pc.

fractions and decimals:   ?  

    For use as a quantities.
    fractions -or- decimals
1/4 0.25
1/3 0.3334
1/2 0.50
2/3 0.6667
3/4 0.75

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Quantity Unit New Quantity Ingredients
1 1/2 cup Answer appears here medium onion, chopped


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