"A career in the culinary arts can be fun and exciting. A professional Chef works long hard hours, but the job is a rewarding one. At the end of the day you feel like you have really accomplished something."

  — Benjamin Goldberg,"Chef Ben"
Ever wonder what it is like to work in a restaurant kitchen?
I have compiled a diary of interesting goings on of a restaurant kitchen in my journal. If your interested in working in a professional kitchen you will want to take a look at my Chef's Journal, "Live Saturday Night".
Chef Ben's cookbook contains some of my favorite recipes from a more than twenty year career working in restaurant kitchens as a professional chef. I hope you find these recipes useful, fun, and delicious. NEW!! NEW!! NEW!!
Check out my Recipe Calculator, It automatically multiplies the number of servings your favorite recipes will make!
I have some of the answers to questions for the chef posted
All the recipes in Chef Ben's Cookbook are now scalable. Just change the number of servings and click the recalculate button. scroll down to the bottom of the recipe and click the printer friendly button to get your scaled (multiplied) recipe, right click on the print friendly recipe and click print.   Go to cookbook

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